Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Final Draft Version 1

After a lot of messing about, playtesting and reducing the original version down in complexity, I've now got a Final Draft for people to look at.

The Magic Maelstrom game entry is on boardgamegeek.com, but is a bit sparse just now (October 2012).

I'll be doing separate posts on the game design, graphics etc.

I've managed to get the basic rules down to a two-page summary, plus a one-page unit/card player reference sheet. I hope these have enough information for playing the game without reference to the 'full' rules (in preparation).

Magic Maelstrom Two Page Rules
Card and Units Player Reference Sheet

The map has been revised to have white sea areas to match the sea colour used on the cards.  Whilst the blue was nicer looking, the white is better for game function I think. Perhaps a final tweak to a pale blue?

Here are a selection of shots from a recent play test, to give an idea of what the game looks like. The board is large (about A0), but I think this allows for decent sized counters and some space to put them in.

Firstly, a shot of the board.  This was a three player game (no Fire player).

The Dark player perspective, showing the Resource cards. 

A selection of Fate cards and Fate card generated units.

And some Character cards.

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