Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Final Draft Version 2 (Post 1 of 2)

(Now followed by a second post, following more feedback).

More streamlining now done based on even more playtesting and a Final Draft Version 2 created.

As before, the Magic Maelstrom game entry is on, but is still a bit sparse pending a decent update.

Here's the current board (v2.4 - with green gone 'vibrant' on JPEG export):

Currently, the game still takes too long, with each player turn requiring 10-15 minutes giving a standard 4 round game a playing time of 4 hours. This leaves too much down time for the non-active players, even if the active player may find it interesting.

The time taken is primarily due to the number of cards being generated, giving too many cards to work out (easily and quickly) what options to take, especially when reducing the number down to 15.

Recent feedback has included:
  • Turns taking too long (noted above)
    • Agreed. See reduced fate card amounts in Two-page rules.
  • Remove the 15 card limit?
    • Hmm.  Could lead to card hoarding for end game points, OK in itself, but would people then just not build things?
  • Drop Characters from the standard game?
    • Possibly - see revised starting units in Two-page rules.
  • Fewer resource (build) cards at the start?
    • Yes -  - see revised starting cards in Two-page rules.
Based on the this, I've tweaked the Two-page rules, mainly with the two following suggestions:

More starting units.  Armies go up to 10 and you get 3 initial characters. Areas will be more populated at the start and you have better options for planning your first moves.


Amended amount of Fate Cards received as follows; Mana generated by units or areas and add this to the victory point track. Take a number of fate cards from the top of the fate deck equal to half (rounded down) of the mana you generated.

The Card and Unit reference will need minor changes too. Possible changes to unit costs could be to reduce the purchase cost to only one card, making decisions easier to make.  With fewer cards, this should hopefully keep the game balance.

Ideas for new costs...

Existing costs:
Card Unit Summary Extract Original

Option 1:
Card Unit Summary Extract Option 1

Option 2:
Card Unit Summary Extract Option 2

Other things for consideration / fixing:
  1. Jokull - gets no defenders, any card colour allows appropriate units to move into it, latter can also retreat there.
  2. Maelstrom - clarify rules, no unit can either move or be forced to move into the Maelstrom, if it spins with a defender in it, that unit is destroyed. Make a spinning Maelstrom marker?
  3. Fate Card 038 - Faerie Tricks, cannot force a unit into the Maelstrom.
  4. Fate Card 063 - Abandoned Ship, you may only move one of your own units.
  5. Fire symbol doesn't look like fire.
  6. Fate Card 051 - Rastler Tasler - once deployed and 'owned' by one player, any subsequently discarded will join with the original unit. There are 3 of these cards.
  7. Fate Card 073 - Water Wyrm, only the wyrm itself can move two areas, not any units stacked with it.
  8. Fate Card 065 - Burial Mound, change reference from blue to purple.
  9. A large monster (Combat 8) that needs fed with enemies or will eat your troops...?
(Now followed by a second post, following more feedback).

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