Monday, 1 April 2013

At last, four rounds in one easy evening session.

It has a taken a lot of fine tuning and messing with rules, but last week, finally, we had a three-player standard MM game that was concluded easily in one evening session.


Playing time was about 3 hours (including general catch-up chat and rules ideas / discussion). This time, it was me, Allan and Mike, so 3 players, 15 minutes per player turn, with rounds of around 45 minutes.

I think this means that with 4 players who are not new to the game and minimal chat (latter might not happen with us lot) the game could be playable as 5-10 minutes per player turn, say  30 minutes per round and a four round standard game finished within approximately 2 hours.

We played with the most recent tweaks:

1. Fate Card draw is now 3.

2. Removed the weather Fate Cards, plus 'The Drowned Land' (see post on new replacements for these).

3. The stacking limit is now 3 including cities.

4. Defenders - deploy two defender tokens face down at start and when replenishing.

These changes made it easier to keep track of units as there less per area to manage.

The brain-freeze of early versions of the game has gone as there are now many fewer cards to make your choices from. 

Finally, defenders are much tougher, so need to be treated with more caution before piling in to the areas they occupy.

Brief game Summary

We were all pleasantly surprised by the tweaks helping the speeding up of play.

The stronger defenders led to cautiousness and much use of the Spy unit. 

Mike (Ice) did blunder into a Troll / Giant defender combination, but managed to defeat the defenders through the use of a Bhean-Sidhe Fate card in combat.

There were skirmishes between the Dark and Light forces, but no major fights amongst the three players.

The game ended with:

Paul (Dark) 193
Mike (Ice) 186
Allan (Light) 166

which was reverse player order.

The end result in the centre of the board
Black managed to seize the Maelstrom as the last player, which was worth an extra 4 mana points, plus 2 points for the area and the deployed unit. Without this, the difference between first and second would have been minimal.

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