Friday, 10 May 2013

Quick Demo at Local Games Shop (Black Lion Games)

As part of their celebration of 15 years in business, Black Lion Games are having a variety of events to celebrate. Go and pay them a visit, buy a game or join in an event.

Yer man Liam of Black Lion Games
Thanks to Liam for hosting, the feedback and filling me in on the past 20 years in Edinburgh gaming history, bringing me up to date since I was last involved. Look forward to another demo in the shop.

We played two player on the full board and had time for one round to show the game mechanics.

End score was close (we didn't record it as it was a brief demo), I realised I'd deployed a Dark/Ice only creature despite being the Light player - must make this more obvious if I can't remember / spot it. Cheating game designers, eh? Didn't have the quick wittedness to pass it off as a special rule that applied on a Thursday evening in May. In Edinburgh. When it's raining...

Also, interestingly, I got kicked out of my Boglands area by sneaky attack and managed to retreat my beaten up army into the Maelstrom and win against the defenders!

After discussion about this with Liam, beginning to wonder if the Defenders should be renamed Encounters, as they represent an area that may or may not be occupied?

Used the new alternative player action rules and they worked well.

Liam - the online feedback form is here: Magic Maelstrom Feedback

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