Sunday, 12 May 2013

Updated Rules, components etc.

Updated 18/05/2013

The online feedback form is here: Magic Maelstrom Feedback

Good two-player game tonight between Allan (Dark - 270 points) and I (Ice - 285), which we both enjoyed(!).

Have updated the Errata-Updates page with rules clarifications and things to be fixed in the two demo copies of the game. 

I feel that the game has really come together now, particularly with the alternative actions. Here is some information and downloads to help you understand the game.

There's now a Two-page introduction to the game available describing the game play and concepts (download PDF)

And below are some shots of the:
Two-page rules (download PDF)
Quick Reference Guide (download PDF)
Player Reference Sheet (download PDF)
Standard Game Setup Sheet (download PDF)
and a starting set of Ice Player Units, with four starting characters drawn from the deck.

All you need to play as the ice player, just add the board,
fate and resource cards, plus an opponent  or three

Player Reference Sheet
Starting units ready for deployment on the board.
Two page rules and the quick reference sheet (fronts)
Two page rules and the quick reference sheet (backs)
Player Reference Sheet in action (detail shot below), dead assassin, mage and spy block use of their skills, character skills are marked as used or available with tokens.

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