Thursday, 27 June 2013

MM: Latest Revision Ideas from User Feedback

The most recent feedback has included;

  • Too much symmetry in the board and home regions.
  • Player sides should be more distinct.
  • Hidden stacks not popular. Some people do have the memory powers that allow them to remember exactly where their special units are, most don't including me).
  • Maelstrom not enough of a draw?
  • Rules are not clearly written.

Which leads me to the following;

  • The current game setup and playing sides are pretty much the same as the first draft version, so adding a bit of asymmetry to each side was always the plan. The MM:Scotland board will also give more asymmetrical setups and gameplay.
  • Make each side more distinct by having an ability, plus add spell casting - one spell per resource card that can be used to power it, not sea and red cards are used for counter spells.
  • Play with open stacks - contents revealed on combat or healing. Remove Assassin, Thief, Rogue and Spy as units and have them as abilities only. Make city units visible, e.g. slightly bigger token size - you can know where cities are (possibly revert to cities not counting for stacking limit?)
  • Make Maelstrom a +6 Mana (or 8?)
  • I know that I need to make a full rules manual with good examples of play!
So, some revisions to come;
New MM:Scotland Map

New Abilities for Each Side

Re-introduce spells for each side, but keep simple and easy to work. Add unique abilities.
  • Dark:  +2 Attack, Negative spells...
  • Light:  +2 Defence, Postive spells...
  • Ice:  Move two areas if at least one is Sea, Ice spells...
  • Fire:  Move two land areas, Fire spells...
New stackable counters

Army counter will be about 15mm by 25 mm

Army, full health
Army, half health

City counter will be about 25mm by 30 mm

City, full health

Special Place counter will be about 30mm by 25mm
City, half health
Special Place
New stacking styles, Army with City;

Army Unit stacked on a city

New stacking styles, Army with City and Special Place;

Army and City stacked on a Special Place