Wednesday, 31 July 2013

A first games convention demo this Saturday and major progress

Edinburgh Games Convention

Firstly, I'll be at the Edinburgh CLAYMORE Show this Saturday, 3rd August, 2013, at the Granton Campus of Edinburgh College, 350 West Granton Road, Edinburgh EH5 1QE. Doors will open to the public at 10.00am.

Cost: Adult £2.50, Child £1.50, Family £5.00 (2 Adult 2 children)

CLAYMORE Features  
Demonstration and Participation Games:  As per usual at Claymore there will be a good selection of demonstration and participation games.
Traders: Over 30 traders have been invited and some have confirmed they will be attending.
Bring & Buy: Sell your second hand wargames stuff at our Bring and Buy stand.

I'll have the latest version of Magic Maelstrom for you to look at and will be running demo games for you to try. The plan is to do brief demo sessions from 10-14:00, then run a four-player game from 14:00 to about 16:00. Let me know if you want to try the afternoon session.

Here's the draft flyer for the day;

Latest version of the game

So now we've got meeples for the standard units! This is a fundamental change from the original design idea - no more hidden stacks of counters, but, instead, players can see all units clearly. The reason for this change was negative feedback on the hidden stacks. These were seen as fine for a longer, more wargamey game, but not for a game that is to be played easily in an evening and be for a more general audience.

Open stacks led to changes in the special units such as the spy, assassin and others. In particular, the spy examine stack ability now only becomes useful for defender stacks. I removed these units and made them actions instead, powered by red resource cards. I have also now added specific abilities for each of the four sides (Ice, Light, Dark, Fire). Here is the current player reference sheet, showing some of what I have described.

And this is the most recent end game board showing the meeples in action.

Next work will be on creating new character and fate card beastie units suitable for use in stands , plus a full set of rules built from the current two-page rules which people find too cryptic!

Shown here are test army and mage units I did before settling on meeples for the current version).

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