Monday, 26 August 2013

New Resource and Fate Card designs and Fate Card contents

Here are the new Resource and Fate Card designs, plus the new Fate Card content ideas, revised following the latest round of playtesting, with some balancing of effects and greater clarity of card purpose.

One of the main pieces of ongoing feedback has been that players have found it confusing as to what some Cards could be used for.

I have now changed the card layouts to explicitly state the main Card actions.

Here are a couple of the new Resource Card designs (with an existing one for comparison). These now clearly state what Unit you may choose to build and that you may alternatively use the card colour to activate an area.

Existing Resource Card Design

New Resource Card Designs

And here's an example of one of the new Fate Card designs. This one clearly states that this is a Unit card and that you may alternatively use the card colour to activate an area. Each Fate Card will state whether it is UNIT, EVENT or COMBAT card. A few may have a combined potential use.

New Fate Card Design

And I've made a PDF of the new Fate Card contents, which I think have some interesting ideas in them, please have a look and let me know what you think.

Sunday, 25 August 2013

New Area Names

I've been thinking about creating specific area names for a while now and put together the area names below, themed by home player region. I will be adding these to the map / board.

My original inspiration for the MM map was for the Fire Home Region being like Iceland, the Ice Home Region being like Norway, the Dark Home Region being a bit of Scotland, with a dash of Scandinavia and the Light Home Region being a bit more of Scotland, all stirred around by the Maelstrom.

Obviously, this means that Iceland = Fire and Norway = Ice, but these sources aren't made clear in the Magic Maelstrom game and so I just went with it.

The reason for creating the area names is to provide something extra to add to the game theme and also to give the possibility of creating a set of area cards for trying out an express version of the game or allowing their use in creating custom scenarios. Be interesting to see if this works.

The following list shows the names I have chosen for the Home Regions and their associated sea areas.

Anything (unintentionally) strange or wrong seeming - let me know. PDF available to look at too.

First Feedback - there are two Svalbards. Oops, one of these (in the Ice Region) should be Lofoten instead.

Monday, 5 August 2013

Public Games Demo at Claymore Show in Edinburgh

Claymore is a wargames show full of wargamers not board gamers, but it was good to get word out about the game and get an idea of what people made of it.

We did a general chat about the game to those dropping by in the morning, then a demo four-player game in the afternoon. Thanks to Paul, David and Rod for trying it out. Quick feedback was that they enjoyed the game and would play it again, which was nice...

And here's a pic of Mike and Lynn, who have suffered the most in the long and tortuous gestation and creation of the game (along with Allan).

I think the game is now finalised in terms of mechanisms and gameplay. 

There are still design elements to revise, such as clearer card content and changing beastie and character units from standard flat cardboard pieces to be stand up versions, but I'm happy that the game works well and, more importantly, people like it and want to play it.