Monday, 5 August 2013

Public Games Demo at Claymore Show in Edinburgh

Claymore is a wargames show full of wargamers not board gamers, but it was good to get word out about the game and get an idea of what people made of it.

We did a general chat about the game to those dropping by in the morning, then a demo four-player game in the afternoon. Thanks to Paul, David and Rod for trying it out. Quick feedback was that they enjoyed the game and would play it again, which was nice...

And here's a pic of Mike and Lynn, who have suffered the most in the long and tortuous gestation and creation of the game (along with Allan).

I think the game is now finalised in terms of mechanisms and gameplay. 

There are still design elements to revise, such as clearer card content and changing beastie and character units from standard flat cardboard pieces to be stand up versions, but I'm happy that the game works well and, more importantly, people like it and want to play it.

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