Friday, 13 September 2013

Boggarts, Bogles and Beasties.

Just reached 3000 blog hits - not bad for an unpublished game with only local playtesters. Thanks to all of you who have contributed to date, either playing or giving suggestions online.

A Summary of Where Things Have Got To
  1. A stable game design that plays well - work in progress to create an Express Edition of the game.
  2. Some final tweaks to card contents and graphics.
  3. New Area and Encounter (Defender) cards.
  4. New Unit cards for Express edition.
  5. New boards with named areas, with a smaller Express board.
  6. New rules with examples of play.
Express Edition?

This version of the game will be shorter to play and use cards to represent units instead of meeples or counters.

Using the new Area Cards, a player controlling an area takes that Areas Card and places with it those Unit Cards that are occupying that area.

The player also places one of their Faction Tokens (Fire, Ice, Dark, Light) on the corresponding area on the board that they control.

There will be a new Encounter Deck to replace the Defender Units, from which one card is drawn on entering an empty area. This deck will have the same range of effects as the drawing of two Defenders had.

Boggarts, Bogles and Beasties

One piece of feedback I got from Peter Dast on the Card / Board Game Designers Flavor (sic) Guild was that the names and illustrations for some of the resource cards didn't seem to make sense. This goes back to the start of the MM design, where I was keen to add to the flavour of the theme by having Timorous Beasties and similar as the raw materials (resources) for each wizard (now Faction) to use.

With all the subsequent development work, I think it would work better if the resource names were updated as follows - what do you think?

Area - Maelstrom / Bogs / Islands
Was - Mystical Crystals
Change to - Magical Crystals, rare and valuable, use them to recruit Mages, Giants and Characters.

Area - Moorlands
Was - Ancient Critters
Change to - Ancient Ruins, scavenge them to build your City.

Area - Lowlands
Was - Timorous Beasties
Change to - Vittles(? = Foodstuffs), an Army marches on its stomach...someone said that once.

Area - Highlands
Was - Musty Old Earth
Change to - Precious Metals, use these to get your minions up to no good, i.e. Assassination, Stealing, Spying or causing Rebellion.

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