Friday, 29 November 2013

Revised Faction Abilities, Icons and Game Reference Cards

MagicMaelstrom__d3a_LightPlayerRefCardMagicMaelstrom__d3a_DarkPlayerRefCardMagicMaelstrom__d3a_PlayerUnitRefCardMagicMaelstrom__d3a_GameRefCardMagicMaelstrom__d3a_IconsRefCardMagicMaelstrom__d3a_FirePlayerRefCard MagicMaelstrom__d3a_IcePlayerRefCard

MMD3a_Set, a set on Flickr.

Based on recent feedback / discussion, I've changed the Faction / Area ability (= link between Faction and Area colours) from a mana bonus to a combat bonus, which I think is a better option and less imbalanced.

There is still an asymmetry in Faction abilities, but that is part of the game design. I have added an extra Heal action for the Light Faction.

Next up, Encounter cards.

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