Those without whom...

The game was wrestled to the ground and tamed with the help of Mike Headden, Allan MacGregor, Todd Zonderman and Lynn Henni. Uncle Ted helped make the first two playtest copies.

The Playtesters

Mike Headden (aka 'Ithoriel')
Allan McGregor (aka 'The Man from Luncarty')
Todd Zonderman (He makes stuff for money)
Lynn Henni (She wins a lot)
Ali McInnes
Cara Morris
Paul Morgan
Lewis Kyle
Ed Forsyth
The Edinburgh Groupless Gamers (in the Boardgame Geek Edinburgh Gamers Guild, sounds geeky, it is a bit, but they're mostly normal...)

About the Designer

I have had a varied career, managing games shops in the early 1980’s

Then a freelance sculptor with design business.

Then on to a career in an earth science organisation doing graphics, mapping, science and information management.

I have played games since I was a youngster.

About the Magic Maelstrom Game

See this blog post for a bit about the inspiration behind the game, in this case the board design.

The game is listed on BoardgameGeek.

The game is copyright Paul Henni (2013), who did the Game Design, rules and graphics. See credits below.


Questions, ideas, feedback, interested in getting a copy on release?

email: knicksen <at>

Nicholas Roerich: - Guests from Overseas


Illustrations used in the Magic Maelstrom game (mainly the cards) include some by the fantastic (geddit) Theodor KittelsenJohn BauerIvan BilibinNicholas Roerich and Arthur Rigden Read -  to the best of my knowledge those used are all in the public domain and this game is dedicated to them for their inspiration.

Villain by knicksen
There are also some illustrations by Paul Henni.

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