List of Bits

List of current components, format, version number and any comments.

Two-page rules (download PDF)
Quick Reference Guide (download PDF)
Player Reference Sheet (download PDF)
Standard Game Setup Sheet (download PDF)

Basic Game Format Ver File Link Comments
Board A1 Size Colour Map 2.4 Board Full A1 size PDF (about 35Mb in size) playing surface.
Full Rules As 'living rules' on this blog and an A4(?) document Not yet available. Work in progress, to include examples of play.
Two-page Standard Rules* Two A4 Colour Pages 2.8 download PDF The rules condensed down to two A4 pages, requires  reference sheet* and setup guide* to play game.
Standard Setup Guide* A4 Colour Page 2.4 Setup Shows where to place the special places and what the starting home regions are.
Quick Reference Guide* Two A5 Colour Pages 2.7 download PDF Shows details of units, areas and card cost / generation.
Player Reference Sheet A4 Colour Page 2.5 download PDF Simple way to keep track of actions and deployed Cities and Mages for mana generation.
Player Faction Markers (x40) A4 colour Placed on top of deployed units to identify owner.
Resource Cards (x108) A4 Colour 2x54 card decks. Cards used to build units or activiate an area or trade in for mana points.
Fate Cards  (x108) A4 Colour 2x54 card decks. Cards with mixed options.
Character Cards (x28) A4 Colour Needs reduced   by one card to 27 to make 0.5x54 card deck. Drawn when a character is built.
Standard Unit Counters (x120) A4 Colour Mortal units and cities you can build with resource cards.
Fate Unit Counters (x36) A4 Colour Strange and mysterious units generated from fate cards.
Character Unit Counters (x28) A4 Colour Reduce by one to 27 to match cards. Mortal characters.
Defender Unit Counters (x63) A4 Colour Used to occupy any areas empty at start of the game or the end of a players turn.
Special Place Tiles (x12) A4 Colour Places of power that may generate mana or have extra defence value.
All original design work and the Magic Maelstrom game are copyright Paul Henni (2013).

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