It has been getting confusing in  here as the amount of information has increased, so this page is a quick guide to the contents of the Magic Maelstrom pages and blog posts.

There are main Magic Maelstrom pages:-

Blog Posts

This the main blog page. The posts are listed below and by date at the right of the page.

The Standard Rules

These pages are the 'living' rules for the standard game, maintained by the game designer.

Current Rule Cock-ups or Improvements

This page is a list of issues with the current game version that need fixed or clarified.

The game component list

List of current components, format, version number, file links and comments.

About the Game, Credits, Playtesters, etc

Who has helped in the game creation and playtesting, plus credits for artwork used and contact details.

Magic Maelstrom: Scotland

Details of proposed Scottish version of the standard game, a work in slow progress.

Magic Maelstrom: Spells and Stuff Expansion

I plan to create a Magic Maelstrom: Spells and Stuff Expansion from what was removed from the standard game, for those of you who have a bit more time to play.


And then there are a series of posts, where I try to tell you about the game, how it is being made, playtesting information and more. These are on the main page and go back in time from the most recent post.

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