Spells and Stuff - A Magic Maelstrom Expansion

Originally, the game had spells and items included within the Resource and Fate cards.

It quickly became apparent that this extra complication was slowing down the standard game and preventing the reduction of the playing time to the target of  'an evening' (say 2-3 hours).

This means that a little bit of extra flavour was necessarily removed.

I plan to create a Magic Maelstrom: Spells and Stuff Expansion from what was removed from the standard game, for those of you who have a bit more time to play.

It will have Advanced Characters, some of whom can cast spells, a spell deck, a range of items and possibly some other extra units.

Spellcasting is planned to have a mana (VP) cost (a few minor spells would be free), plus the chance of backfiring.

Stuff gets added in - you draw a stuff card if you defeat a defender in combat.
Stuff must be associated with a deployed character (placed with the character card).
Lose the character, lose the stuff.
Kill a character in combat, get their stuff.
You may not trade stuff.

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